Want to Know Where We Are Traveling To In 2016???

Although we haven’t confirmed the dates yet, we have quite the line up of locations to travel to for photoshoots in 2016. If you want us to come to your city, we are willing to travel if there are enough models looking for photoshoots. Alternatively, we can work on setting up a destination trip for you and your group or team to our awesome studio, Studiotwo22, which boasts our 6000 sq/ft training facility attached, OTC Toronto.

During travel dates, we usually offer shorter, 1 hour shoot packages, to be able to accommodate the multiple clients wanting to shoot in a day. Special packages can be arranged to book full or half days if required. As always, I travel with my make up artists from Two Chicks and Some Lipstick, or Luisa Duran, or both. All my packages always include professional make up and hair, as I feel it’s important to keep our brand and styling, even on the road.

I am not committed to any particular fitness organization or magazine. I work with models and athletes from all organizations. I also work with numerous real publications, and I will have many avenues and opportunities for publishing that will come with our travels. Some of the publications I work with on a continuous basis as a contributor are: OptiMYz, Inside Fitness, Strong Fitness, Muscle Memory, Sweat Equity, SweatRx, Women’s Health & Fitness, and Fitness Gurls.  You will see my work featured in all of these magazines, and I continuously strive to provide them content from my clients. You can check out some of my published work HERE.

We will be planning a beautiful tropical destination trip for 2016.  The destination has not yet been picked, but I have some great connections working on this and I can assure you that it will be a great trip with lots of opportunities for great pictures, and awesome opportunity for workout features.

Here are some of the locations we are planning on attending:

Columbus, Ohio (2016 Arnold’s Sports Festival)

Edmonton, AB

New York, NY

Calgary, AB

Vancouver, BC

Winnipeg, MAN

Las Vegas, NV (2016 Olympia)

We will post the actual dates here as soon as they are confirmed.

I’m hoping to see more of you in 2016!!!





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  1. Keri Burke says:

    Calgary and Edmonton

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